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#141 Holy Crap It's Hand-Drawn!

Holy Crap It's Hand-Drawn!
January 23rd, 2006

Drawing by hand???

Who draws by hand these days? Well, lots of people, I suppose. That group includes people whose computers are in the shop but who would still like to have comics to put up! People such as me is what I'm saying. This comic is a glimpse into what it would look like if I hand-drew all my comics, except not at all because I so wouldn't draw them that way. Enjoy!

Here is a transcript for those without the super-power of being able to read my handwriting:

Panel 1
Lincoln: Whoa! Holy crap! I'm like totally hand-drawn!!

Panel 2
Washington: What, you didn't get the memo?

Panel 3
Queen: Shut up George, there was no memo!

Panel 4
Lincoln: Being hand-drawn is so weird! I'm all woobly-looking and I'm not consistent from panel to panel...

Panel 5
Queen: In fairness, if we were normally hand-drawn, we would probably be more simplified and, well, easier to draw. This would most likely lend us a more natural and consistent look throughout the strip.

Panel 6
Lincoln: Lizzie, is that you? You look totally different than the person who was talking a minute ago!

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