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#142 Woo No-Pants Party

Woo No-Pants Party
January 25th, 2006

Computer Fixed!

My computer is fixed! It was the power supply. So today is the last day of hand-drawn Thinkin' Lincoln comics. I'm sure you are very sad. Regular comics return Friday probably. I may be able to get one done for tomorrow, but probably not.

Oh, and in case people can't read it, here's the transcript:

Panelish 1
Lincoln: Something's wrong today... I feel really different...
Washington: Um, I think I know what it is -- you're not wearing any pants!

Panelish 2
Lincoln: No, that can't be it. I mean, neither of us is wearing pants. We're having a no-pants party, after all! No, it's something else. But what? Oh! I forgot to wind my pocket-watch!

Panelish 3
Washington: Are you sure it's not the fact that we are rendered in an entirely different style than usual today?

Panelish 4
Lincoln: Yup! Definitely the pocket-watch thing. Now let's get back to our no-pants party! You, uh, did say some chicks were going to show up, right?
Washington: Uh, sure...

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