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#276 Traveling SUCKS

Traveling SUCKS
August 15th, 2006


So, I was gone for a while! I hope everyone liked last week's story arc! I thought it came out pretty okay.

Anyway, so there is some stuff to talk about! I had a pretty good time on my vacation, thanks for asking. I got a haircut, meaning that I look basically like the little drawing of me over there again. My best friend is now married, so that's cool. I managed not to have to give a toast even though I was the best man. Pretty happy about that. I saw my mom and much of the rest of my family who I haven't seen in person in a couple years. Guys, flying really sucks though. If you can teleport somewhere instead of flying, I definitely recommend it.

Other than that, there is some other stuff I want to talk about. My internet friend Malki ! has been pretty successful lately! He has got his comic into the print edition of the Onion (of which I happen to have a copy) and he was also just mentioned on BoingBoing! I bet he is getting pant-loads of traffic over there!

Also, thanks to Anthony and Hugh for some new fan art!

Also again, my friend Chris at work has a podcast show called the Weekly Geek wherein he and some other dudes/chicks talk about video games and like Apple and stuff. This week, he has the dude who did the voice of that little robot on Invader Zim! So that's cool if you're into Invader Zim.

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