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#281 Thinkin' Lincoln Personals - G.W.

Thinkin' Lincoln Personals - G.W.
August 22nd, 2006


Hey so there's this movie called "Doogal" and it is animated and about a dog and stars a buttload of famous dudes such as Ian McKellan, Jon Stewart, Kevin Smith, Chevy Chase, William H. Macy, Whoopie Goldberg and Jimmy Fallon. Okay so that sounds pretty awesome but if you ever get the chance to see it, AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS. I cannot express how bad this movie was, especially considering the dudes that are in it. But seriously it is really bad, do not see. There is a long completely unironic Matrix parody that is really bad. In a movie made in 2006. It is like if they took a movie with a pretty lame plot and thought "hey I know what would make this movie better would be if we jammed a bunch of parodies that were maybe funny 5 years ago in here and also lets add a bunch of things that fart."

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