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#326 Pickle Industry

Pickle Industry
October 30th, 2006

New Feature to Thinkin' Lincoln!

I wanted to let everyone know that I've decided to try to cram some more funny into my website so you get more bang for your comic-reading buck. What I've done is add humorous alt text* to every comic! Well, every new comic. I haven't finished adding it to each comic in the archive; I think alt text only goes back to comic 200 or so.

If you don't know what alt text is, I will explain! Basically, it's the little tooltip that pops up if you hold your mouse over the comic image for a few seconds. The idea is, you read the comic, and then hold your mouse over it for a little bit of an extra joke! I am hoping this will make my comic EVEN BETTER (pretty hard to imagine, I know!) and that it will make everyone everywhere happy. That second one might be a little unrealistic, I admit.

Note: If you're a Firefox user, there's a bug that makes the alt text popup get cut off after a certain number of characters. It is really annoying. Fortunately, there are a couple of extensions you can get to fix the problem. You can get either Long Titles which works with Firefox 2.0 or Popup Alt Attribute, which doesn't work in FF 2, but has the extra functionality of making alt text pop up as a tooltip as well as title text. If that last thing made no sense to you, don't worry about it.

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