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#336 Pardon My Art

Pardon My Art
November 13th, 2006

Today's "Comic"

So maybe you read today's "comic" and you were a little confused so you came to the news post all like "excuse me wtf r u doin." If so, you came to the right place! Because uh, you came to the news post and that is in fact where you are. Anyway! I was kinda bored this weekend and I started making this thing you saw in the comic space and I spent kind of a while on it and I like the way it turned out, so I figured why not post that for my comic on Monday. I hope you like it! The alt text has the translation of the Latin, though I am not sure it's totally correct (my Latin is hell of rusty). Also, if you don't recognize the phrase, Wikipedia is helpful, as usual.

For everyone who came to my website today hoping for a joke but was sorely disappointed, sorry! I'll try to do better next time.

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