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#365 Dudes whose birthday is New Years

Dudes whose birthday is New Years
December 29th, 2006

Dudes such as myself

Monday is my birthday everyone! What with that and family being around plus Christmas earlier, I haven't been able to get as many strips out as I'd have liked and the future is maybe a little uncertain too. I almost didn't get today's comic up! Also I have a similar announcement as Abe from the other day in that I am going back to school starting like... next week. Holy McCow. Anyway, I'll have class in the evenings every day but friday and of course I'll still be working full-time, so I hope you will be a little forgiving if my strips are maybe not there a little more often from now on. I'm hoping to mostly keep up my schedule, but it's possible in the future that I'll switch to a M-W-F schedule or something. We'll see.

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