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#381 Thursdays on Fox

Thursdays on Fox
February 1st, 2007

Mighty Mouse

So if you remember a long time ago I talked about the mouse that Apple came out with that was fancy and had neat buttons and stuff. Well eventually I got one and I've been using it for a few months. Dudes, it sucks. It does right clicking by using a touch sensitive thing instead of an actual button, which seems neat at first but mostly just ends up with you clicking the wrong button a lot of the time. It also has these "force sensitive" side buttons, except it's really only one button, and that sucks too. I was constantly clicking it by accident, so I turned it off after a couple days. Also, for some reason, the cursor would randomly just completely zoom to the other side of the screen from time to time. You might think that's just because it's an optical mouse, but my previous one never did it a single time I can recall. So the point is, do not buy one of these mice. They are 50 bucks too! They come with new Macs nowadays, so if you get a new Mac, I'd suggest a new mouse too. I just bought a logitech one off the internet that was slightly cheaper and has a really nice grip and an actual laser (most optical mice don't use lasers) for super sensitivity, and it has extra buttons that are actually useful. I love my Mac and my iPod and I'm hella getting an iPhone someday, but Apple boned the pooch on this product. >:{[

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