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#385 A Lunar Eclipse

A Lunar Eclipse
February 9th, 2007

Cool Comics on the Internet

Sometimes I find some pretty cool comics on the internet that I think other people might like. When that happens, I usually forget about them for like 6 months and then one day when I'm trying to think of a news post, I remember them! Or some of them. One comic that I found a while ago is Jonny Crossbones. The story and style is really pretty old-school and, well, to be honest it's a little dull? BUT I really like the character design. Jonny Crossbones is just so cool looking. Also it's not THAT dull, but its narrative style is kinda not exactly my thing, even though you can totally tell it's on purpose for what the dude is going for. And that dude is also a hella good artist with a pretty cool domain name.

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