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#39 Gettin' Groceries

Gettin' Groceries
September 1st, 2005

What's up with hurricanes anyway?

So as I'm sure everyone already knows, the big news lately is Hurricane Katrina, which has pounded the crap out of New Orleans. I guess the city was originally built in a swamp that's a bit below sea level (those whacky French!) and since then it has been sinking due to our manipulation of the Mississippi River's course. So now it's several feat below sea level AND actually covered in water. Pretty lame! I guess some guy recently wrote a paper about the possibility of this exact thing happening, and he claims it will take 9 weeks to pump out the city. 9 weeks is a long time for all those thousands of people with nowhere else to go! I also heard that Congress recently cut a lot of funding for New Orleans' flood prevention systems due to budget constraints of the Iraq war. Sucky! I almost wonder if maybe they shouldn't just abandon New Orleans and build a new city further inland. (NEW New Orleans?)

So um, I guess I don't really have anything to say about it other than some gossip and my condolences to those who have been affected by this.

PS My wife thought today's comic was pretty funny.

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