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#438 Flirting!

May 14th, 2007

Spider-Man 3

Well, basically everyone has seen this movie by now I think. I saw it on Friday night. I thought there were some good parts but overall it was pretty cheesy. Actually I don't know why we call that kind of thing cheesy considering cheese is awesome! But either way it was pretty ridiculous, and mostly not in a good way. A lot of the acting was just sooooo lame (though not all of it -- I thought a few scenes were pretty great!), the villians were kind of lame, even Venom got lame. Also I swear Kirsten Dunst used to be hot at some point? Also also hello Sam Raimi, stop having everyone take off their mask all the time! It is lame. Like when RoboCop took off his mask at the end of the movie, that was pretty lame (but it was forgivable since he was so awesome otherwise).

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