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#451 The Ganja Weed Reggae Music

The Ganja Weed Reggae Music
June 1st, 2007

Microsoft Surface

So Microsoft just announced this thing called Surface which is basically a pretty awesome computer built into a table. It has this really neat multi-touch interface and it like senses devices you put on it and such. It's actually pretty similar to something I mentioned a long time ago (I can't find the post now) about a thing my friend's brother was working on at NYU under Jeff Han. Microsoft's thing won't be out for a while, and it will be super expensive at first, so the theories on the internet is that Apple is about to come out with something similar and MS wanted to beat them to the punch. I dunno! Either way, Microsoft's thing looks pretty sweet! Be sure to watch the videos. They are a little fake but very exciting.

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