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#457 Discerning Taste

Discerning Taste
June 11th, 2007

Things! And stuff also.

Hey dudes, I added a new feature to the website this weekend! I got rid of the digg and and reddit links because I don't think anyone used them and instead I added a little thing that lets you easily email comics to people! E.g. if you think today's comic is awesome, you could click the link and put in a little info and BOOM your recipient will get a cool email with a link! Please let me know if you find it doesn't work for you for some reason!

I saw Knocked Up on Saturday and it was really good! If you are getting a little déjà vu here, it's because this is the second time I saw it in the theater. It was really that good. I think this is the first time I've ever seen a movie twice in the theater just because I really liked it. One time I saw the Batman movie with Val Kilmer in it twice in the theater, but I had little choice. I guess I also saw The Fellowship of the Ring twice in theaters, but it was free the second time and I fell asleep at the end. Anyway! Knocked Up was so good that I went and bought The 40-Year-Old Virgin too. That was pretty good, but not nearly AS good. AGAIN I WANT TO WARN YOU THAT KNOCKED UP IS VERY RATED R AND INCLUDES GRAPHIC DEPICTIONS OF BABY BIRTH. It is worth it though in my opinion.

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