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#500 Log Cabin Politics

Log Cabin Politics
August 17th, 2007

500 comics!

This is my 500th comic, dudes! Pretty crazy, right? The extra-long comic is in honor of that. This comic also marks the beginning of a new feature here at Thinkin' Lincoln – a little something I call "Embarrassing Myself on the Internet Fridays!" The idea is that each week I will sing a song and record it and post it on here. The songs I sing will generally be just various songs I like, not anything I've written myself. I'm doing this because I like to sing and I'm OK at it and I figure it will either be entertaining because you like my singing or (more likely) because it's pretty funny when people embarrass themselves in public!

So here's the first one! A Shooting Star Is Not a Star originally sung by Tom Glazer and later remade by They Might Be Giants

But wait, there's more! Since I spent basically all day drawing that silly log robot, I thought I'd let you guys see it at a bigger size. I've whipped up this desktop (at 1600 x 1200 – if you need it smaller you can just size it down!) and also here's a transparent PNG of just the robot if you want that for some reason!

Finally, I have a new website everybody! It is an informational site. Check it out.

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