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#505 Bioshock

August 27th, 2007

Embarrassing Myself on the Internet Mondays

I actually missed my update on Friday because I was at a party over at Chris Furniss' house with my friend Mack and some video game blogger dudes. A couple other dudes from Chris' site were there, as well as some dudes from Destructoid and Flynn from GayGamer and Kotaku.

Anyway so that means I didn't post my new thing I just started where I sing a song on the internet. So now I am making up for it! This time I'm singing No Children, which is originally by the Mountain Goats off their album Tallahassee (Amazon affiliate link). It's a real good album.

ALSO: You may have noticed in the previous comic the font was different. I had decided to try out a new font that was a bit more comic-y than the font I had been using. I thought it was pretty good, but then about 4000 people told me they didn't like it so I caved and changed the font back. I guess I wasn't that attached to the new font and all the negative reactions made me doubt my decision! I can't decide if this makes me a wuss or an adaptable dude who gives the people what they want. I guess the answer to that is "marketing."

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