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#510 Imagination

September 4th, 2007

Abe Lincoln's MySpace Comments Roundup

A bunch of people have linked cool Lincoln-related things in the comments on Abe Lincoln's MySpace page, and here are some of them!

Eliot posted an image of this crazy sweet painting, which is apparently by a dude called Brandon Bird.

Polindsay posted an image from Superdickery of an evil Abe Lincoln attacking Captain America!

Jon posted a comic from Slow Wave of a dream about Abe running for president again. Slow Wave is a neat comic where people send in dreams they had and the guy makes a comic of it, by the way.

Finally, Katie posted a link to the MySpace page of a band called Best Friends Forever which has a song about how they want to marry Abe Lincoln. It's a good song! I also liked some of their other songs and I totally downloaded them and put them on my Personal Portable Digital Recording of Music Playing Device, or iPhone for short.

Oh! And thanks to my friend Mack, who was a principle participant in the conversation I made today's comic out of.

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