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#519 Vampire Fight!

Vampire Fight!
September 18th, 2007

Vampires and bats and stuff!

Last week, a dude called Chris Lukeman emailed me to tell me about a cool-sounding movie he filmed over the summer about a homeless superhero fighting Vampire Abe Lincoln! I guess they're still editing and don't have a website for it yet, but he DID have this kickin' production still. Pretty sweet. I promised him I'd keep you guys updated when the movie is done!

Also, a dude named Timothy Ellis emailed me to link to a pretty neat shirt on It's about bats. Hopefully it will actually be on sale at that link soon. Honestly though I think you should save your money because right now I am dropping a hint that I will have some NEW SHIRTS this coming weekend! They don't have bats on them though.

Finally, today I had an epiphany. Have you ever seen this show, Red Dwarf? It's great if you haven't. Anyway so for those Red Dwarf fans out there, here is my epiphany: LOLLister.

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