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#536 Broc it to me

Broc it to me
October 16th, 2007

Best Friends Forever

If you remember a while back, I linked to the MySpace of a band called Best Friends Forever who had a song about Abe Lincoln (among others). Well I bought their latest album, Romance Conflict Adventure, and it's really pretty nice! It's sort of standard indie-pop-ish, but I find it really charming and fun to listen to. If you listened to the songs they have for free, it's pretty much like that, but more of it. My only complaint is that the production's a little spotty in that sometimes it feels like the instruments are kind of trampling over top of each other, but it's not a huge deal. Also I like female singers with less-traditional singing voices which I guess some people might find annoying.

Anyway, it was well worth the $5.50 it costs! If you want to get it, go here and Paypal them the money and say in the comments what CD you want. (More instructions under "HOW TO ORDER," natch. Urally.) I know this is a fairly ghetto way to go about things but it lets you have that real super-indie feeling. When this band gets big you'll be able to say you were Paypalling for their CD way before they started to suck.

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