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#566 A Question of Science

A Question of Science
December 4th, 2007

Talkin' Bout Politics

So I generally try not to talk too much about like politics and stuff in this space because I know it can be divisive and people have a lot of opinions about it and in the case of American politics, a bunch of you guys probably don't even give a care (being from other lands).

But whatever. One thing I wanted to talk about is the fight for the Democratic primary. Have you heard about this? Barack Obama made a comment about how he hasn't been angling for the whitehouse for decades like certain candidates. Hillary Clinton has now sent out a press release that EXPOSES HIM FOR THE FRAUD HE IS because apparently she found out that he wrote an essay in kindergarten saying he wants to be president. CAUGHT RED-HANDED EH OBAMA. That is ridiculous politicking at it's best, folks. Though really if he's writing essays at age 5, dude probably deserves president just for that.

The other thing is that a fellow named Alan Augustson emailed me the other day. I guess he's running for the House in the fifth district of Illinois for the Green Party in '08. Now I don't know, but I suspect that our political discourse in this country might benefit from more third party input. I don't know this Augustson guy, and I don't endorse him or anything, but I figure if you're in his district or else you just want to maybe help a dude get into congress, it can't hurt to check him out.

OK so that's it for Politics Talk with your host Miles.

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