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#6 Absurdist Humor

Absurdist Humor
July 18th, 2005


So Amazon didn't get Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to us on time. This means we should get it tonight and they also refunded our money. However, we didn't want to wait so we went and bought it from the mall. So now we're going to have two copies! We'll probably sell one to a used book store shortly. I haven't gotten to start it yet though since my wife is reading it.

In non-Harry Potter news, I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Friday (since my D&D game was canceled). I rather liked it. I liked it more that I thought I might based on the trailer. It had some pretty funny jokes, and the acting was pretty great. The story was essentially the same as the old movie (I haven't read the book) but the music wasn't as good. It was stylistically somewhat different and the characters were in some cases quite different. Willy Wonka is more awkward, less confident, and perhaps a little crazier. Anyway, it was pretty enjoyable.

Oh also, I have prettied up the forums! I hope you like it! Also, I hope the upgrade didn't break anything, but let me know if you see any broken stuff.

This strip has been edited. See the original here.

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