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#606 Presidents Day '08

Presidents Day '08
February 18th, 2008

The Spiderwick Chronicles

So I saw the Spiderwick Chronicles this weekend. It was pretty bad you guys. The special effects were pretty good and I did like the creature designs (goblins were scary frog dudes, trolls are big lizardy guys, etc.) but the acting was pretty awful and though the plot was sort of interesting for a kids fantasy thing, it just had all these extra sappy retarded things slapped on. And like, a lot of dumb clichés. Also Freddie Highmore has a real sucky American accent. Nick Nolte was kind of cool as the bad guy except he was only in it for about 2 minutes. Oh also there were sort of some weird Freudian things going on at the end that I don't think send a good message to children.

I saw a lady on TV gushing about how great this movie is and how it's like Gremlins but do not believe her she is lying.

So yeah, don't spend $10.25 on this movie. By the way holy cow movies are $10.25 now at the downtown theater here.

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