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#611 Diaper Goblin

Diaper Goblin
February 25th, 2008


Hey you guys are you on Facebook? I am! The other day I was thinking to myself, "hey I should make a Thinkin' Lincoln group on here" but then I found out there were already like several! This one seems fairly straightforward. Meanwhile this one seems to require that you are also into bikini pirate girls with Lincoln's head? Then there's this one which I am pretty sure is related? And finally this one is for fans of Mewsevelt. If you're a dude or lady with Facebook, you should join one or many of them! It's what all the cool people are doing don't ya know.

Oh the other thing about Facebook, though, is that I've gotten a few requests from readers to be their friends on there. But I'm sort of trying to keep it mostly only to people I actually know. You know, like dudes from highschool or family people or that girl from work with the hair. So if I don't friend you on there I hope you're not mad or anything! I bet we could have been Facebook friends under different circumstances.

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