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#613 Hallucination Goes Boink

Hallucination Goes Boink
February 27th, 2008

Apple is awesome

You've probably noticed that I am something of an Apple fan. I like their products often and I am a graphic designer so you know, it's like my duty. But yesterday they earned some major points with me. My wife's macbook that she bought a month ago had been having some kind of weird problems that were most likely software-related. Her calendar program kept slowing the whole system to a crawl and it made it hard to do anything. She took it in to the local Apple store and after some messing with it to see that yes, it was broken and no, there wasn't anything obvious to do to fix it, they just took it and gave her a brand new computer. This is especially awesome since they updated their laptop lines yesterday, doubling the RAM and upping the hard drive space by 30 gigs (and some other stuff I think).

It's possible that this problem could have been fixed with by reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling everything, but rather than muck around with stuff like that, they'd rather make their customers happy.

So awesome!

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