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#635 G-Rated

April 4th, 2008

I am Psychic

So... it turns out yesterday's comic came true sort of. I got rear-ended by a lady yesterday! I don't think she was on her cell phone or crying, though. Also it wasn't really her fault even though I think by law she'll be "at fault." A dude in front of me slammed on his brakes at the last second for no reason, and even though I stopped in time, she couldn't. I feel bad for her because the front of her Mercedes hella crumpled with like the engine all sticking out of the grille while I am going to have to replace my bumper and my tailpipe, and maybe my trunk hood. Anyway I think this proves I am psychic.

Also, this comic has now decidedly NOT come true! I was lamenting the fact that I may never get to play four square again but so some friends at work started playing with me! I think this proves I am psychic but I CHANGED THE FUTURE by being a positive go-getter.

PS Screw you, Wikipedia, for deleting the page on custom four square rules. You deleted it for no good reason (OMG it wasn't sourced!!!!!) and you were the only easy-to-find repository for this stuff. Screw you for preferring blind adherence to rules over being useful.

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