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#671 Text Emoticons: The Next Generation

Text Emoticons: The Next Generation
June 4th, 2008

Apple Holy Cow I Love You

I know I'm sort of just a gushy Apple fanboy over here, but they are so amazing. You remember how last week my computer was out of commission because I had taken it in to get it repaired? Well here's the fully full deal. The 3 year extended warranty was about to run out on my G5 iMac and there was a weird bright spot on the bottom of the monitor. It wasn't a huge deal but I figured I might as well get it fixed before the warranty ran out. So I took it in, and it was supposed to be a couple days, but day after day, I didn't hear anything from Apple. Finally I get a message saying to call them and when I do, they're like "hey we got in 3 separate replacement LCD screens and they were all broken with different issues and your computer has been here forever, so we're just going to give you a brand new iMac for your troubles."


So yeah, I have a brand new iMac and it's awesome and I love Apple forever.

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