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#680 The Fart Parlor

The Fart Parlor
June 19th, 2008

Spore Creature Creator

If you don't know, Spore is a game that's coming out that basically lets you create an organism up from a single-cell all the way to a space-faring race. If you don't know that, you probably haven't been paying attention to video games. Which is OK! I don't think less of you.

Anyway, the dudes making the game have just released a standalone version of the game's creature creating engine as both a free, limited demo, or a full-featured 10 dollar version. I got the demo and it was so cool that I went out and bought the 10 dollar version a few hours later. I would have done it right away but it took me a few hours of playing with it to realize that some time had gone by.

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