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#69 Were-humans Among Us

Were-humans Among Us
October 13th, 2005

Apple Stuff

Yesterday was one of those days where Apple announces a bunch of new stuff. I think they call it a week day? Well, they don't announce stuff quite that often I guess. Anyway! The big things are that iMacs now have a built in iSight camera and also have remote controls that come with them (ZOMG THERE STEELING NINTENDOS IDEA). The reason for the remote control is that Apple has ALSO announced that they've come out with a video iPod, and along with that a new version of iTunes wherein you can download music videos and TV shows! Before you say that video iPods are stupid because of the tiny screen, keep in mind that they have video out ports. So, you could download an episode of Lost to your iPod and swing over by my house and we could watch it together! Which would be cool of you since I don't get TV and I hear that show's good.

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