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#699 Constructive Criticism

Constructive Criticism
July 18th, 2008

Speaking of Criticism!

A fellow sent me an email recently to let me know that he's done a review type dealie of Thinkin' Lincoln for the 3 year anniversary.

It's mostly positive, and overall pretty perceptive I think. You should check it out! The guy does a new post about webcomics every week, too.

PS I noticed once I went to post this that today's comic kind of seems like a response to this review, since it's about criticism (um, well it pretends to be anyway) and it even has faces being drawn on with a sharpie, but it's actually a coincidence! I've had this comic in mind for a little while, but I guess there is probably some kind of subliminal link that caused me to post it on the same day as I link to this thing.

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