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#740 If Only

If Only
September 22nd, 2008


So I will have a full Hawaii Fun Times Rundown sometime this week, basically whenever I get around to it. But anyway I just finally got my internet connection hooked up at home yesterday. Normally I wouldn't have wanted to make the cable guy come out on a Sunday (re: my religion) but when Sonya tried to reschedule it, they were like "how about next Sunday" and it was dumb and anyway it had already been 3 weeks so yeah. But I got it hooked up! Woo!

Getting it hooked up meant I was finally able to start playing Spore, which is pretty awesome so far! I like the cell stage and the creature stage a bunch, though the tribal stage was a bit meh. The creature I've made so far is a stripey flying moose dude. He's an herbivore but very aggressive, so it's pretty fun. :)

Oh also, thanks again to all my guest contributors! I really appreciated it dudes.

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