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#755 Hobosploitation

October 13th, 2008

The Thinkin' Lincoln Editorial Reclamation Project

So I know some people will not totally be in favor of this for various reasons, but I've decided to start a project where I go back and fix up old strips I'm kind of ashamed of. I'm thinking like, if this were a comic in a newspaper, I'd have an editor to tell me when stuff I did was just dumb. I don't have an editor, but me from three years later will have to do.

I think in most cases, the changes will be minor. Some tweaks to dialogue, and clean up on some of the art and the talk balloons. But in some cases, I'll be significantly reworking jokes. There'll be new art, new dialogue, and hopefully less shame for me. In fact, I've already made these kinds of changes after the fact on certain strips in the past, but now I'm going to do it systematically because honestly a lot of my first year of strips makes me cringe.

So I've updated the first 10 strips. Check 'em out! I'll be doing more as I have time.

P.S. you probably don't need to read the old news posts since they're mostly about Harry Potter. UPDATE: I've added links to the original strips in the appropriate news posts.

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