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#786 Black Friday

Black Friday
November 28th, 2008

MS Paint Adventures

I just discovered this thing a couple days ago called MS Paint Adventures. It's like a cross between a webcomic and a choose-your-own-adventure with an old-school PC adventure game aesthetic. You can suggest what should happen every day, and every day the author picks a suggestion and makes that happen. The results are incredibly amazing. The art and animation is freaking great, for one thing. Don't let the pixelly MS Paint-ness of it all fool you — it's very good quality stuff (if very stylized). It's also just so hilarious and ridiculous. There are 3 adventures on the site so far, but I'd recommend just going with the current one (which is where you start if you go to the homepage). The other ones are cool, but Problem Sleuth is very very excellent.

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