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#788 Brain Problem Situation

Brain Problem Situation
December 2nd, 2008

Is It Funny Today?

Hey dudes check out this new site:! The idea here is that the site collects updates from webcomics all over the place and you rate them and say if they are funny today or not (e.g. if you think Thinkin' Lincoln is funny today, you rate it yes! on the site) and then they compile everybody's opinion and make a list in order of how funny today's comics are. I found the site a couple weeks ago and I talked to the dudes making it and it turns out they were beta testing it, but now it just launched yesterday!

I like it as a comic reader because voting is fun and I already have like 50 comics in my RSS reader so it's nice to know which ones are funny that I'm not already reading. I like it as a comic creator because I like to get feedback about my work and if a lot of people think my comic is funny today then it will be on the main page and hopefully that will get my comic some more exposure to new readers too! So if you want to do me a favor, you could go vote for my comic when you think it's funny, and just generally enjoy the new site!

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