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#790 Merchandising Opportunities

Merchandising Opportunities
December 4th, 2008


Hey speaking of merchandise, Christmas and Chanukah and probably other gift-giving holidays are coming up! If you want to get a shirt or print for your sweetie or other person you like, you'd better do it soon! Domestic in the US shipping usually only takes a few days, but everything gets backed up around this time so get your orders in! If you're out of the US (or Canada) it MAY already be too late, but then again hope springs eternal!

If you'd like to get your loved ones one of the donation gifts below, those don't need shipping time BUT I've got a few in the queue right now and I only have so much time! PLUS and this is a SEMI-SECRET, I'm pretty definitely going to be raising the donation prices soon, probably after the new year. The upper level gifts are just too good of a deal right now (for YOU not for ME) to keep them at this level. ACT FAST

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