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#802 How To Get to the Bermuda Triangle

How To Get to the Bermuda Triangle
December 22nd, 2008


So it's been snowing like crazy for days here in Seattle. We've gotten like a foot of snow or something. If you are from a place where you get snow all winter like I am, it doesn't sound like a lot. But they don't plow the roads here or even salt them or anything and no one knows how to drive in the snow anyway because Seattle generally gets like 2 inches a year at most, and it's usually only around for about a day or two. So when it snows here, everything shuts down. My church has been cancelled two Sundays in a row. The buses are running about half their usual capacity. On Friday, two tour buses full of kids slid down a hill, broke through a concrete barrier, and were hanging over Interstate 5. (No one was seriously hurt I don't think.) We made a quick run to the grocery store during a lull in the snow on Saturday because we were out of milk and the store was packed. Everybody's snowed in! It's nuts!

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