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#805 Crash Landing

Crash Landing
January 5th, 2009

Goodbye, Silly Drawings Week

Hey, so I've removed the silly drawings from the Thinkin' Lincoln regular archive. They're basically just filler and I don't want them in the way for people reading through the comic in the future. PEOPLE OF THE FUTURE, I AM DOING A FAVOR FOR YOU. IN EXCHANGE PLEASE SEND ME A ROBOT DINOSAUR THAT HAS SURELY BEEN INVENTED BY YOUR TIME. I PROMISE NOT TO LET IT CHANGE THE TIME STREAM OR WHATEVER.

Anyway, I think probably most people won't really care, but for those of you who liked the drawings, they can be found here: Silly Drawings.

Also, I'm shutting down my donation gift system temporarily while I rework the gift structure and make some new gifts for people to get. School's starting up again, so it may take a little while to get that back up and running. Please bear with me!

Also also it's my Grandpa's birthday. Happy birthday Grandpa!

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