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#825 Squaring the Triangle

Squaring the Triangle
February 3rd, 2009

Revisionist History

So you may or may not remember a while back I mentioned that I was going to start redoing old strips that I didn't like anymore and that I had done the first 10 in the archive. Well I had intended to keep doing that but I ended up not really having time for a while.

But now I have a lot more time for stuff like that, and I've now completed updates on strips 11 through 40. In a lot of cases, I've just cleaned up some word balloons or moved things around a little. In some, I've just tweaked dialog a bit or tightened up the punch line. But in quite a few cases, I've pretty drastically restructured or rethought the joke. In all of them, I've tried to keep the strip in the same spirit as the original.

Please, check the updated strips out! Let me know what you think.

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