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#840 Extinct Metaphors

Extinct Metaphors
February 26th, 2009

Earliest Abe Lincoln Photo?

So this guy thinks he has the oldest photo of Abe Lincoln, even though the photo doesn't really look much like Lincoln at all. The site has a bunch of evidence that they think shows that it is indeed Lincoln, such as he has the same kind of messed up eyes and his features all line up with this other guy's.

But I don't know if I buy it. There are a bunch of pretty clear differences, like the fact that the guy has a bump in his nose and doesn't have the big mole that Lincoln has, but in a lot of cases they're just like "oh you can't see it in these pictures but in the original he doesn't have the bump" or whatever. It seems like the guy has a different jawline and stuff too, though they say part of that's due to Lincoln losing a bunch of weight. I guess they do have the same haircut and pretty similar ears...

In any case, it's pretty interesting!

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