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#855 Deathday Invitation

Deathday Invitation
March 20th, 2009

Talking Dog Movie Idea

I don't know if you guys read Ironic Sans or not, but basically it's a blog where this dude David Friedman posts all kind of neat ideas he has. It's sort of a weird concept for a blog but it's usually pretty cool. So anyway, the latest idea is really great. David proposes a talking dog movie, but in this world the dogs actually talk and the people talk too, but their mouths never move, like they used to do it in older kinds of talking animal movies like Homeward Bound or Milo and Otis. You should just read the post, but basically it's like a lost animal adventure movie except the people are the lost animals and the animals are the people. I would love to see a movie like that so much!

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