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#876 A Film by Edgar Allan Poe

A Film by Edgar Allan Poe
April 27th, 2009


WOO it's time for a sale! While supplies last, all my shirts have been marked down from $18 to $14. CLICK HERE TO GO BUY THEM NOW!

I'm already out of a couple of sizes and I don't plan to restock any of these designs. I'm looking at some different shirt vendors and options and I'm trying to clear out my existing inventory. It's possible that one or more of these designs will come back someday in some form but I wouldn't count on it! If you want any of them, I'd recommend buying now. These are really nice shirts and they're a good way to help support the site.

UPDATE: WHOOPS. I forgot to actually take the sale live after I posted this. But it's live now!! And I've lowered the price another dollar to $14.

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