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#92 The Pencil Holder

The Pencil Holder
November 15th, 2005

I used to make music!

Or what could loosely be called music anyway. See, I had this program on my computer way back when that let me make music with it. Some songs I thought were pretty all right, some didn't work out so well. My friend said one of them made him want to stab himself in the face with a screwdriver. So I count that one as a success. Anyway, I thought I had lost all those songs to hard drive wipes and stuff like that, but it turns out that my wife (then girlfriend) squirreled them away and at least some of them have been recovered! So, I present to you what I think is the best song I ever made: Tiny Dinosaur! Oh yeah, I called myself "Scuz Rocket" for the purposes of those songs. Haha what was up with that.

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