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#925 The Lincoln-Washington Debate

The Lincoln-Washington Debate
July 28th, 2009

Cool Stuff & Miscellany

Here's a thing: Jackson over at This Week in Webcomics along with Unwinder, they do weekly webcomic reviews in comic form (sometimes) and this week Good ol' Abe "Sweet Beats" Lincoln makes a cameo appearance! Pretty cool.

Here's another thing: Reader Pete sent me this link to a bunch of political cartoons about Lincoln from back in the day. I like the one where he's got a couple of democrat possum dudes (?) caught by their tails on a rail. Also the one where he's an Irish stereotype for some reason and his dog has the head of a dude.

Some other things: I saw some new movies recently: the latest Harry Potter and Moon. People are saying the Harry Potter movie is terrible but I thought it was one of the best of the movies so far. It doesn't follow the book that well in some ways and fumbles a few things, but overall they accomplished something pretty major, which is making Harry, Ron, and Hermione (particularly Harry) actually likable. Anyway, I also saw this other movie, Moon, which is directed by David Bowie's son and is about some Sam Rockwells on the moon and it's really sparse and cool and Kevin Spacey is a robot. It was really good!

One final thing: Some people are pretty disappointed about this whole once-a-week update schedule thing so I wanted to say a thing. Making Thinkin' Lincoln is fun, but doing it every weekday is a lot of work especially with how little money I'm able to make off of it. I mean it's not really about the money and I'm not trying to guilt my loyal readers or anything like that. I really super appreciate all the support people have given over the years, both financial and just emotional-wise, but if I have to work a day job and make the comic for fun, well then I'm only gonna make it when it's fun. Once a week is what I can do at this point. I hope everyone can understand, and I know from the nice emails I've been getting that most people do. :]

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