Signed Thinkin' Lincoln Prints

Buy a Signed Print of Comic #918 - George v. George v. George

Reading comics on the internet is fine and all, but sometimes you just want a nice printed copy you can hold in your hands. And softly caress. And maybe keep under your pillow at night.

These full-color prints are on heavyweight, acid-free 8.5" x 11" cardstock, made from the finest high-resolution vector drawings known to Man. These things look really nice. Plus, every strip is signed and dated by yours truly, Miles Grover, the webcomic author of this, the webcomic you clicked on, Thinkin' Lincoln.

Above is a rough approximation of the printing format. The print includes the title of the strip as well as the secret alt text. Note that strips larger or smaller than the usual size will be less accurately represented here.

Questions? Send me an email.