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#468 Transformative Ambivalence

Transformative Ambivalence
June 26th, 2007

More Than Meets the Eye

If you're wondering what Megatron (the evil leader of the evil Decepticons, who are evil robots of evil) looks like in the new movie, here's a link: This is the link right here that you're reading

If you were never a young boy in the 80s, that might not mean much to you. But back in the day, Megatron turned into a really sweet gun, and later a tank. Basically symbolic of the other kind of genitals. So Michael Bay (director of the new movie) is really emasculating this robot. Actually, I could almost see that as a feminist move, except that Megatron is super evil!

Guys I care about giant robots. I care deeply. I will probably see this movie. :\

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